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Interim Sales Director

A Sales Director without the hefty salary, but with proven success in developing markets and products in a business-to-business environment. The 'Pay as you go' Sales Director. You only pay for the expertise and time you need. I will help you formalise your sales strategy and then drive it to completion. One day a week or a complete month, you decide.

Why Choose Suzanne?

Achieving the sales target for your business is arguably the most important objective. With more than 15 years as a successful Sales and Marketing Director I have extensive experience in all aspects of B2B sales.
Industry exposure encompasses manufacturing and distribution within organisations ranging in size from £4m to £500m turnover.
Securing multimillion pound contracts, advising on government policies or visiting sole traders, the principals are the same.
Exceptional customer service and maximising each and every opportunity is key to retention and growth.
I chose to leave the Board room and now assist businesses in the West Midlands to achieve their business objectives.

If you’re not achieving your full potential, if your staff are missing their targets or your margins are being squeezed then its time to get expert advice. When the economy is under pressure many managers spend 80% of their time reacting to the issues of the day and only 20% proactively pursuing profitable sales opportunities.

I am not a consultant who hands you a report with a list of recommendations, I work with you to implement the agreed projects and ensure they transfer to real financial growth. Whatever level of involvement you choose, I work inside your business, with you and your team to implement the improvements. As a strategic Director I am able to ‘hit the ground running’ with flexibility to suit your needs. In these economic challenging times reports show that many businesses are increasingly using interims to get the skills required. This is proven to be far more cost effective. You are able to access the very best at a fraction of a full time salary. In addition you do not bear the cost of pension contributions, holiday pay and all the other costs attributed to traditional hiring. In addition there are no agency fees. Ultimately I am ‘pay as you go’ Sales Director.

There is never an ‘off the shelf’ solution as all businesses are different. I would therefore welcome the opportunity to discuss your business requirements with a no obligation exploratory meeting.

I look forward to meeting you

* Sales Growth
* Customer Retention
* Business Turnaround
* Profitability Improvement
* New Product Launch
* Mystery Shopper Campaigns
* Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Sales Growth Strategies

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Increased Sales Penetration

There are various methods to encourage your customers to adjust their buying habits and redirect more business your way. Profitable Sales Growth will analyse your customers buying patterns and quickly identifies these opportunities.

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Large Contract Negotiations

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